Total  Engineering  Solutions

  • Complete product and system design including mechanical, electrical, software, controls, vision, sensing, fluid handling, algorithms, motion planning, and harnessing.
  • Verticals include semiconductor equipment, industrial and mobile robotics, industrial automation, medical devices and systems, consumer products.
Unlocking Innovation Through Precision Engineering
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Explore our mechanical design expertise focused on delivering real-world solutions. We specialize in creating practical designs for complex electro-mechanical assemblies, automated systems, and fluid-based systems. Whether it’s sizing OEM components or conducting thorough analysis and selection, our approach is grounded in expertise and creativity. Dive into the details of mechanical design that bring your ideas to life, seamlessly combining form and function.

Architecting Excellence In System Dynamics

Discover the art of system design where practicality meets technical brilliance. Our expertise spans embedded design, covering everything from concept development to FPGA programming and SoC integration. Take a closer look at board schematics and gerber analysis, witnessing the careful work that ensures EMI/EMC/ESD compliance. Uncover the power of holistic design and testing, where each element contributes to systems that redefine reliability and efficiency.

Code Craftmanship Redefined

Step into the realm of embedded programming, where practicality and functionality take center stage. Proficient in languages like C, C++, and Java, our expertise extends to real-time and non-real-time operating systems. Dive into the details of code optimization and efficiency, understanding how each line contributes to solutions that tackle complexity with simplicity. This is embedded programming that goes beyond tasks, bringing logic and creativity into perfect harmony for your unique needs.

Beyond Coding , Crafting Solutions

Embark on a journey where application programming is about crafting reliable solutions tailored to your requirements. From production and solution fabrication to detailed validation and verification (V&V), our approach is a blend of precision and innovation. Witness the practical side of characterization and on-site commissioning, where applications come to life in real-world scenarios. It’s not just programming; it’s the art of shaping solutions that work seamlessly and reliably for you.

Our Expertise

Mechanical & System Design

Comprehensive mechanical and system designs.

Special purpose machines, factory modules, and robotics.

Recipe and batch process automation.

Line process automation, machine vision, and optics.

Systems prototyping and characterization.

Design with emphasis on EMI/EMC/ESD testing

Embedded Hardware & Electrical

System and motion controller development.

Board development with processors and microcontrollers.

Touch interfaces, and wireless module integration.

EMI/EMC/ESD compliance, harness and RF design.

Embedded hardware testing and FPGA timing closure.

Substation automation services.

embedded design
Embedded & Application Software

Communication protocols.

Embedded and application software development.

Application development on various platforms.

Custom middleware and framework implementation.

Touch-based software development for intuitive user interfaces.

Algorithms & Optimization

Trajectory planning, guidance and control.

Optimal motion planning inclusive of system dynamics, obstacles and complex terrains.

Discrete event simulations.

Throughput simulations.

Non-linear and linear system optimization and control.

Data analytics & warehousing.


industry Robots
Industrial Robotics & Automation

Unleash the potential of Industry 4.0 with our Industrial Robotics & Automation solutions. Our team excels in delivering complete product and system design, seamlessly integrating mechanical, electrical, software, controls, vision, sensing, motion planning, and harnessing. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance industrial processes, offering tailor-made solutions that redefine efficiency, precision, and productivity. From factory automation to intricate robotic solutions, we are committed to shaping the future of industrial operations through innovation and expertise.

Autonomous Robots
Mobile & Autonomous Robots

Embark on a journey of innovation with our Mobile & Autonomous Robots services. From concept to manufacturing, we specialize in ideating, designing, testing, and running autonomously guided mobile platforms for diverse applications. Our solutions redefine the landscape of automation, empowering industries with the flexibility and efficiency of autonomous systems. Whether it’s streamlining logistics or revolutionizing warehouse management, our expertise ensures that your operations stay at the forefront of technological advancement.


Navigate the dynamic semiconductor landscape with confidence, backed by our robust background in semiconductor equipment. Our expertise extends across mainframe, embedded software, and system design, offering a comprehensive approach to semiconductor solutions. We provide the technological backbone for efficient and high-quality chip production, from precision tools to state-of-the-art machinery. Stay ahead in semiconductor manufacturing with our innovative solutions, where reliability, precision, and technological excellence converge to redefine the standards of the industry.

Innovation is our Philosophy

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